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This section is intended to support the previous route as described in second edition published with amendments in 2009. The changes introduced with the publication of the third edition are summarised

Leg 2 - The leg now finishes at Little Wymondley with the loop to Willian car park being deleted. Route change occurs at TL 226 289  and marked with this sign (insert picture) along with changes to minimise the use of the Wymondley Road.

Leg 3 - Now starts at Little Wymondley

Leg 7 - Re routed on Berkhamsted Common (SP999 101) to pass by Berkhamsted Station, along the Grand Union canal  and rejoining the original path at Bourne End TL (016 067) thus avoiding the dangerous road route through Potten End.

Leg 8 - Old route (2010) no longer marked. OS maps have been informed.

Leg 12 - Rerouted approaching Green Tye (TL 446 181) to finish at Tesco Store, Stortford Park (TL 470 217).

Leg 13 - Starting at Tesco Store, Bishop's Park and route changed just past Great Plantings Wood (TL 463 215) and rejoining at Hadham Hall (TL 451 228).

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