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 The Hertfordshire Way on your Smart Device

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the creation of "The Hertfordshire Way" we are making the whole of the route available for downloading onto your mobile device.

The route is fully waymarked in both directions and maintained by The Friends of The Hertfordshire Way.

Outdooractive Users

For a user with Outdooractive installed on their mobile device selecting the Outdooractive icon below will direct you to the website where all our routes can be found. In addition to the maps you will have an overview of the route with photographs, transport links, parking facilities, cafes, pubs, and shops. In addition the maps will be available to view and print using the Outdooractive website.


Other Walking Apps

Selecting the GPX icon below will direct you to a page on our website giving an overview of the route and allow you to download the files for the individual legs.

GPX icon.png

Before setting out to walk any of The Hertfordshire Way we would recommend a visit to the News page.


For a comprehensive guide to the route we recommend our Guidebook:

The Hertfordshire Way - A way marked long distance footpath

This gives you full details of the walk in the counter clockwise direction with information and photographs of places you walk through and points of interest. You can buy the book through our website.

Membership details and benefits can be found by clicking on Join Us

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