June 2022

This month sees the publication of our walks programme through to January 2023. For further details click here

Helping Herts walks The Hertfordshire Way

Helping Herts is a small charity supported by the infrastructure of Stort Valley Rotary Club. Their 2022 theme is child welfare and the money raised will make a real difference to the lives of children across the county. They have a small team led by co-founders Gordon Morrison and Jim Tatchell, who approached us in March 2022 to request support for their campaign to walk the Hertfordshire Way.

The event will take place on 24 September 2022, when a number of local charities, guided by members of The Friends of The Hertfordshire will each walk a leg of The Hertfordshire Way. Together, they will walk the whole route in one day.

In preparation for this event, Jim and Gordon walked a leg of the Hertfordshire Way on each of fourteen days from 23 April to 7 May, with just a single rest day on 30 April. They were guided by Friends of The Hertfordshire Way. My thanks to all those Friends who provided valuable support in this endeavour.

Along the way they also received encouragement and support from:

Lord Salisbury
Lady Dione Verulam, Deputy Lieutenant (DL)
Sally Burton DL, The High Sheriff of Hertfordshire
Robert Voss DL, Lord Lieutenant
Suzy Harvey DL
Julie Marson MP
Dave Anderson, Bishop’s Stortford Deputy Mayor
Richard Roberts, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council

Quintin McKeller, Vice Chancellor of University of Hertfordshire

Fergus McMullen.

For further information about the charity, go to www.helpingherts.com


Leg 2 

We are adding clarification to the existing way marked route, as described in the 3rd edition of our guidebook, at the point where it crosses the A507.

"The track described in section 3 of page 29 was not there in 2020 so is unlikely to be there in the future. Cross the road, turn right and walk up the verge about 70 metres to reach a signpost. Go through the gap in the hedge into the field. You will not be able to see the far corner of the field.  If the path is not marked, it rarely is, aim for the most distance telegraph post then keep going downhill. The steps out of the field are to the right of the houses on your side of the village road."

If you are aware of any issues affecting the route of The Hertfordshire Way contact us on


"A Big Thank You to The West Herts Ramblers

We have received a very generous donation from The West Herts Ramblers walking group to assist us in the maintenance of the Hertfordshire Way. I have used this to replenish our dwindling stocks of roundels. I would like to thank Matthew Handford and all West Herts members for this generous gesture."

Ian Whinnett